About Us

MyChatBotNow is a product of Infiniti Media Group LLC.

We help businesses grow by leveraging the latest Messenger Chatbot technology

We’re a dedicated team of chatbot experts who are passionate about helping companies increase their customer engagement and sales with these incredible, AI-powered tools.

With a chatbot on your website or powering your Facebook Messaging, you have a smart, helpful presence who can convert prospects into customers – working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

We know how to create chatbots that naturally communicate your brand messaging and product or service information.

From the conceptual design phase and analysis to programming, deployment and hosting, we can be your start-to-finish Chatbot partners.


Why work with us?

The digital and social media marketing landscape is changing.
Organic Facebook posts don’t perform like they used to. Users’ Facebook feeds fill up so fast … your posts get lost in the shuffle.

In the meantime, email open rates are getting lower and lower.

Messenger chatbots programmed and designed to engage customers and naturally collect their information are proving themselves to be a better tool for increasing sales.

Chatbots are Useful Tools – But They’re Difficult To Create

Businesses love chatbots because they provide reliable customer support – and can solve customer problems – any time of the day or night.

Working with AI technology to create natural sounding conversational flows and sequences is no easy task.

It can be expensive to hire someone to build your chatbot from scratch.

Of course, we can custom-build your chatbot.

But we can also help businesses get chatbots faster and more affordably by quickly customizing industry-specific chatbot templates we already have built.

So Contact us now… We only take a handful
of Chatbot projects at a time for effectiveness sake.